Heba finishes her PhD

Congratulations to Heba who completed her viva May and graduated earlier this month. Heba’s work is focussed on lipid-based nanoparticles for the delivery of HIV drugs. Her second paper is due to be submitted in the next month. We wish Heba all the best in the next stages of her career.

Heba 3

Nancy’s work on redispersible nanosuspensions as a plausible oral delivery system for curcumin is published.

Nancy’s second paper has recently been published. In this work, Nancy shows a new and simple way of formulating a poorly soluble compound like curcumin to give a solid that can be dispersed to give nanoparticles. This approach allowed the curcumin to display similar biological properties to solubilised curcumin but without the need for any solvent. See the full article here.

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1 s2.0 S0268005X21004215 ga1 lrg