Royce Undergraduate Research Internship Scheme (Principal Investigator) June 2022-October 2022, £3,562.50.

IAA grant- “Understanding the properties of recycled post-consumer polypropylene” (Principal Investigator) Jan 2022-Jun 2022, £14,800

IAA grant- “Active mapping of biological substrates for crop care and personal care applications” (Principal Investigator) May 2021-Apr 2022, £39,674.18

Enabling Research in Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging-
Post-Consumer Resin – Understanding the quality-performance linkage for packaging
, £965,000 (Principal Investigator) 2020

The Plastics Research and Innovation Fund- Novel packaging solution for the Domestos brand bleach product, £128,417. (Academic lead) 2020

Knowledge Transfer Partnership – Understanding the physiological processes of the DHA skin colouring mechanism, (Co-investigator) 2018 (ref 11922)

EPSRC – An Injectable Implant Providing Long-Acting Drug Delivery for the Treatment of Chronic disease, £1,118,055. (Principal Investigator) 2019

Innovate UK- Innovation-to-Commercialisation of University Research (ICURe) programme New Biodegradable Polymers/Plastics Synthesised by Free Radical Polymerisation, £35,000. 2018. Entrepreneurial Lead

EPSRC Healthcare Impact Partnership. Injectable devices for sustained ocular drug delivery, £1,006,399. (Co-investigator) 2018

National Institutes of Health (USA). Long acting NRTI therapies for HIV, £274,495.
(Co-investigator) 2018

EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account grant. Degradable dual-responsive nanogels for injectable drug delivery depots. (Principal Investigator) 2016.

EPSRC Institutional Sponsorship Award. Investigation of in vitro release of drug from nanogels for treatment of retinal diseases. (Co-investigator) 2016

EPSRC- Summer bursary. Tuning the structures of polyHIPEs for the sustained release of nanomedicines. (Sioned Fon Jones). 2016

EPSRC- Hydrogel Microparticle Networks for the Controlled Delivery of Nanomedicines. EP/M01973X/1. £98,560 (Principal Investigator) 2015

Royal Society- Research Grant. Characterising Polymer Nanoparticle Self-assembly for Applications in Medicine. RG140213. £14,823 (Principal Investigator) 2014

Cancer Research UK, Nanoparticle interventions for metastatic cancers, £497,130 (Co-investigator) 2016

USAID,  Antiretroviral therapy (ART),  simplification, £3,203,176 (Co-investigator) 2015

EPSRC- Integrated radiomaterials chemistry for simultaneous multi-component tracking of nanomedicines in biological matrices. EP/L02635X/1. £896,475 (Co-investigator) 2014

EPSRC- Towards NanoMedicine Interventions for HIV/AIDS. EP/K002201/1. £1,333,141 (Researcher co-investigator) 2012